This first sentence was written by me; each subsequent one will be the most fitting one I find on the first blog I get by googling the previous one.

I’ll be given a punishment of one year in prison. I don’t agree with the law but that is what it is. I can’t pretend that nothing is happening, i can’t write about food. When government can, thanks to new camera technology, suddenly gather and compile extensive private information about us from our activities in public space, then the old rule of thumb – that surveillance of our public activities violates no “reasonable expectation of privacy” simply because those acts happen in the open, where anyone can observe them – no longer works to protect the underlying principles behind Fourth Amendment privacy protection. Why is this bad? It’s more about who’s got good hair, and who’s got bad hair (like all these freaky people, rivaling Sanjaya’s insane mohawk). Who looked most absurd? FUCK YALL lol

That’s why celebrities are on the neverending quest to find the most exclusive, hard to get items their money can buy. It’s a mutual feeling. The way I look at it anyway. It is a new era and a new chapter in American politics. Wishing for more regulation might give you a real supprise. The fundamental problem is simply not being addressed – businesses, public sector workers and others continue to be subject to incessant Government interference. It also means not being afraid of popular anger. I’m about to fill you in on a little secret. If you have ever suffered from the dreaded ring of perspiration under your arms when you aren’t working out in the gym, then keep reading this secret.

People are all very polite, because they’re all related to each other.

Okay, to be honest, the whole time, I was trying to steer it towards Kevin Bacon, but it never got there 🙂 I maybe could have done it if I sacrificed what mild coherence I managed to salvage. I actually went about two paragraphs farther, but it didn’t even resemble coherence; just random quotes from celebrity and movie gossip sites. By the end I was cheating outright to guide the pseudo-random walk, but it’s just too damn hard to find people talking about A Few Good Men when you’re limited to google results from one sentence.


2 Responses to This first sentence was written by me; each subsequent one will be the most fitting one I find on the first blog I get by googling the previous one.

  1. You clearly had safe search turned on – try this again, but starting from something on Scared yet?

    • joblivious says:

      Hahahah yeah. That page scares me. I didn’t know he finished it already! I was 4 feet away from the conversation that spawned the idea 🙂

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