<Joe> I’ve always been bad at simple math
<kevin> i still have to spin my gears for a second or two to compute sums and
multiples of 7 😦
<kevin> my brain is like WHAT IS SEVEN

<bmcgraw> man.  final fantasy song remixed in Chuck Mangione’s jazz style. so good.
<kevin> but is it as good as this?
<laurak> needs a little more cow bell
<Veep> there’s a site for that!
<bmcgraw> What does it feel like to be criminally wrong?
<laurak> you can never be wrong about more cowbell
<bmcgraw> Can god himself make a song so awesome that it doesn’t need any more cowbell?
<andy> All sound can be expressed as an infinite sum of superimposed cowbells.
<kevin> in my upcoming paper i present a five-dimensional representation of real-world space where coordinates are expressed as (x, y, z, c, mc), where c and mc are Cowbell and More Cowbell.

<timothy> [tech design url omitted]
<timothy> feedback wanted
<andy> That is a stupid architecture.
<andy> Also you’re fat.

<Joe> ninja pirate!
<eliot> I know!
<eliot> I didn’t think it was possible since they are diametrically opposed
<eliot> but it’s so genius it just might work
<Joe> you mean diametrically AWESOME
<eliot> fukn A!
<Joe> I wonder if he’s also a vampire?
<eliot> then I give up and I’m fucking the first thing I see, because that’s just the end of the world

<Veep> I like how font weights go from 0-1000
<Veep> 700 is just “kind of bold”
<Veep> 700 is bold, 800 is extrabold or ultrabold
<Veep> 900 is heavy or black.
<Veep> there’s no name for 1000.  I assume it makes a black hole that destroys the earth


<Robert> is it faster?
<Joe> no
<Robert> your mom is faster
<Joe> my mom is like .98c
<Robert> yeah, but she gets heavier
<Veep> but she’s huge.
<Joe> but she doesn’t age!
<Veep> yo momma so fat, everyone assumes shes moving at .99c!

<steven> can i ask a stupid question?
<steven> “better than anyone!”

< jmathes> aen: describe me in one sentence
< jmathes> this is going on okcupid
< aen> “Where A is me and B is you, f is the function I would like to apply
to you. f:A->B”
< Robert-h> oh yeah joe’s a mathy guy
< jmathes> given that a function is a set of pairs and that one only has
one known pair, we might as well go ahead and say that you and I
belong to the ordered pair (you, me) aka {{you}, {you, me}}.
See?  You come first, baby.
< jmathes> I’m going to explore the area under your curves
rosco_casa [user@[ip omitted]] has joined #engineering
< jmathes> hello rosco
< jmathes> we were just discussing how to avoid meeting girls by being
creepy with math

<kevin-home> Don’t worry, my fits of violent rage are made irrelevant by my lack of upper body strength and fear of consequences.

<Veep> steven: ping
<Joe> robert, ping:
<andy> andy: ping
<aen> ping: ping
<Luc> 4 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 1000ms


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