GDC 09


My employer, IMVU, was kind enough to send me to GDC this week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  It was the first time I’ve ever been to GDC, and it was maybe the most inspiring thing I’ve ever done.  The people and the energy there are unreal, and every day I came home overflowing with ideas and ambition.  I have to get them out.

imvulogoPart of the deal for going to GDC was that I’d share my notes with IMVU and give talks on what I learned.  Unless you work at IMVU, you don’t get to go to the talks (unless you ask very nicely), but I have permission to share my notes with a wider audience.

It will take a while, because I’m not satisfied with publishing my embarassingly unfinished notes as-is.  Instead, for each session I attended, I’m going to do some more comprehensive research.  I’ll combine my notes and memories with the GDC presentation slides and some general internet research, and write a detailed report on the subject matter.  Those will be published here, starting (and maybe finishing) this weekend.  I’ll also publish at least one general narrative that doesn’t touch on the content of the presentations but instead focuses on how the whole thing was set up and what it was like to go there.

Because the payoff of this research is to help IMVU’s team get as much as possible out of this, I’ll be relating all the subject-matter posts back to IMVU as much as I can.  This might not be relevant to you, so to make up for it I got you an image of a fuzzy kitten.



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