Step 2 part 2: I suck at setup

I went back to the project portal I had so much trouble finding yesterday, and resumed the walkthrough for getting my security key / certificate set up. The instructions told me to go to a specific page to download my certificate, but that page told me I didn’t even have one. I had to submit another request, and get another certificate going. It seems like Apple considers me a Team of One (Be All That You Can Be!), so I had to sign up both as the team lead and as a team member. Also, I had to approve my team member certificate, since I’m the team administrator. Kinda made me feel powerful. Apple also had to approve me separately both as team admin and as team member, so I had to wait for that, but as yesterday, it was almost immediate.

I moved on to getting my phone into development mode. By now I’m pretty good at finding the tutorials for how to do things on apple’s site, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any good! The instructions start with:

  • Download the iPhone OS Disk Image (.dmg) from the iPhone Dev Center for the Apple device you are using.

They don’t say where you can do that, and I couldn’t find it. Before I looked around for solutions, I decided to try building my Hello World app to see if it gets through the errors I had yesterday. Success! I got a different error:

CodeSign error: a valid provisioning profile is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘Device – iPhone OS 2.2.1’

Sounds like xCode has a problem with my 3GI still.  So, back to getting my iPhone into developer mode! At least Apple’s keeping me on track. Sure enough, the first google result for “Download the iPhone OS Disk Image (.dmg) from the iPhone Dev Center for the Apple device you are using”  was a forum where someone else had the same problem. The first few solutions on the forum direct you to no-longer-existent links to the download.  The solution I tried: tell iTunes to “restore” my phone, which, as it turns out, means “crank for 45 minutes and leave the phone in the same state.”  It deleted everything off there, maybe installed the OS I want, and is now re-uploading all my music on there.  We’re waiting on that right now.  It looked like a long block, so I decided to use the time for today’s blog post.

Yesterday, the great Steven Peterson read my blog and had a lot of helpful suggestions for how to get started.  He’s got a delicious page that, hilariously, I can’t link you to here because I stored the URL in a note on my iPhone.

Oh, hey!  It finished.  Huh.  It restored all my media files but threw away all my apps, including the one that was tracking my diet.  And it turns out I lost the link, so we’ll have to wait and see whether Steven reads my blog again today.  For now, let’s see whether I can build my Hello World app.

Steven, and guy who commented on my blog yesterday, I understand that I don’t have to do this step right now 🙂  In fact, if I switch xCode to use the simulator instead of my 3G, I get 3 other compile-time errors.  I’ll deal with them later.  For now I really want to know that I have all the pieces ready to go.

Anyway, no, it appears the iPhone restore was in vain.  Same error.  Let’s ask the Google.  Damnit; none of those solutions are going to work for me, and I’m out of time.  Be back tomorrow.


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